Necro-equine Flagilation

GRAVE ROBBING may more traditionally be the reserve of Hollywood but there now seems to be an increasing trend in bringing back classic shows and giving them one last flog.

If the Birds of a Feather and Fall and Rise of Reginal Perrin rehashes weren’t enough to make your skin crawl off entirely before  booking itself in to the nearest Swiss euthanasia clinic, then  there’s a whole array of other shows pencilled in for a return.

Dawn French has already made noises about a possible Vicar of Dibley reprisal and Are You Being Served? is set to make a comeback for a one-off special later this year.

There are also, two new series of Red Dwarf on the horizon a one-off meeting with Fletch’s grandson in a Porridge ‘catch-up’…and YES! I’ll definitely be watching  them. But why?

Well to paraphrase a classic Milan Kundera quote ‘nostalgia is to the past as love is to the present’.

The point is not to knock the original shows but to question the point in these endless rehashes.

Many of these programmes are clearly of their time and just couldn’t work in a modern setting. There have been many examples of this such as The Liver Birds, Only Fools and Horses and the ill-fated Blackadder  Back and Forth special.

But still, an ephemeral ratings winner is sadly of more interest to some broadcasters than tapping into the wealth of up-and-coming talent out there.

But anyway, rant over.

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  1. josefvickers · March 9, 2016

    It’s true that there seems to be too much focus on rehashing classics. This has two related negative effects (in my opinion of course): 1) It tarnishes the legacy of the classic – case in point, the 2001 revival of Only Fools and Horses, after it ended *perfectly* in 1996. And 2) It swallows up air-time for potential future classics.

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